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ALttP for SNES =0

This is my first post. Hi xD I did something amazing today and BOUGHT THIS (click to enlarge).

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past (PAL/European)
  • SNES version (i.e. not GBA remake) in near-mint condition (right)
  • In the original box (top)
  • With the complete set of manual (left), world map (stuff laid out on it) and top secrets book (middle-ish).
I died and went to heaven. Or rather stood at the retro games case pointing at it and stuttering (true story). The cartridge looks like it hasn't even been touched! The plastic cover that protects the connectors is still there!

Is anyone aware how rare it is to find this game in England, let alone with all the original stuff? =0 The box is a bit battered and I assume Sahasrahla's secret book used to have a seal on it, as the front is slightly ripped and there's half a Triforce sticker on the back. I haven't tested the game yet but I will tomorrow (oh the anticipation!). Anyone know how long the batteries in the SNES carts last? The game is now 15 years old =|

Sorry, I wanted to share my joy. And ask that question about batteries.

No, it's not for sale ;D
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